Sunday, August 10, 2014

When Will We Have Quality Smartphone With Keyboard back?

I have posted several posts about this topic, and my struggle to find a good smartphone now that my last Blackberry bold has fallen apart. 
I own now a Samsung Android Galaxy Ace Smartphone. I was actually quite happy at some point to leave Blackberry, because over the years, I must admit the lack of applications has been a real bargain. I now have access to a lot of cool applications which really help, no questions. I also like the size of the screen, which allows to consult the web and videos very easilly.

But as you may know, I consider a smartphone as a business tool, in order to get organized, but also to "create". By creating, I mean editing text, writting reports or blog posts on the go. Something that I find nearly impossible to make with a tactile screen, wether it is a Samsung's or an Apple's. 

Don't get me wrong, I believe the whole tactile screen idea is genious. Indeed, it allowed to a massive number of people to access the Internet and all its components in mobile activities. It has really and deeply change the world. 

But I still believe there must be a lot of people like I am that would like to have a great keyboard smartphone where they can access applications and all the necessary I was discussing (schedule and task organization software).

Now Blackberry is leaving the smartphone market to focus on network security for businesses. I believe that there must be a place for a premium market to deliver high quality smartphones for executives like I.

Does Anyone know one of those smartphones?