Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Will Ibeacon really revolutionize Retail?

Ibeacon is obvisouly one of the hottest hype in the retail world. Indeed, the technology represents a lot of advantages for brick&mortar retailers, which still suffers from the Ecommerce competition:
  • Better shopping experience, by proposing updated and customized informations/promotions along the shopper's way
  • Better understanding on how the shoppers go in store, in order to propose more efficient concepts and merchandizing techniques.
The retailers are hence very interested by this technology, even though this one is pretty new and not yet really exploitable. 
But I believe Ibeacon represents also a threat for customers, which may not be to keen on allowing retailers to follow them while shopping.

Indeed, how could a retailer guarantee that its Ibeacon will not be too intrusive? Do a customer really want to have commercial info all the time while shopping? 
Also another question I have: Can Ibeacon, based on customer's infos, could better serve someone instore, than actually a sales representative? 

What is interesting with I beacon, is that it is to me one of the first push mobile marketing tool, which most of mobile marketing tools so far have been "pull" (an application that the person download and active whenever he wants).

For sure, Ibeacon is going to become one of the main topic of this blog.