Sunday, July 20, 2014

Visit Virtually Coles Supermarket In Australia

I wanted to share with you an information I found on the minute retail blog: Australian supermarket chain Coles propose to virtually visit online its new store concept. Actually, I don't think it is the first time that I have seen such an experience. I have already "virtually" visited the new Tesco concept. The interface used is Google maps. You may click here to visit.

First of all, I find the interface very well done. It is easy to hang around the store, and the pics are very neat. You may check out how they merchandise their goods, which is always interesting to do.

Now, I believe it is more a public relation move to publicize Coles, dedicated to retail businessmen, more than aiming a shopper population. Why? Because it doesn't really consist in something that improves the shopping experience. Still, I think this is a great thing to do. How many retailers have been hidden their concepts in order to avoid the competition to compete with them? 

I still remember when I used to be a salesperson at La Fnac, that people were not allowed to take any pics in stores. Same thing when I visited the first time Carrefour Planet, when people told me I should not take any pics as the security staff has been specifically briefed not to let anyone shoot photos.

But in nowadays world, where information is going so fast, it is actually better to let anyone knows what you do good.