Sunday, June 29, 2014

#Sixt Loyalty Card: Something Is Wrong With Customer Relationship

Couple of weeks ago I went to Sevilla and rented a car there, a small but good Ford Fiesta card. I booked everything on Expedia, which I believe is one of the best service, especially while you try to look to get a plane ticket, a hotel and a car rental at the same time. Then I picked a car rental at Sixt, as it must have been the best deal in terms of prices (I was there for a week end, by myself, did not really need to get a large car to drive couple of miles). Everything did fine, no complain to make, everything was smooth about the rental.

I have been very surprised to find a mail from Sixt couple of days afterward, offering me my loyalty card. 
This loyalty card (the same than the one you can see below) offered me different kind of discounts, which I did not really understand how they worked.

The loyalty card looks like a real loyalty card with a magnetic band, like a credit card, with my name on it. The thing that I am bothered about, is that:
  • I have only done business with them once
  • I barely rent cars (If I would be a hard user, maybe they could have given me one, but they would have to know perfectly my profile, which they did not).
I did not sign up for anything, and to give me this card is a little bit ackward. The loyalty card should be asked by the customer, and not forced in the pocket by one company.

I don't think this strategy is well adapted:
  • Giving loyalty card to anybody is kind of embarassing
  • Their loyalty programs, as far as I know, is plain, and I have no intention to use it.
  • I believe that this technique must cost a fortune in mailing and card creations. If they intend to use their customer data base, it must be a complete mess, and not of real value.
I believe that Sixt approach is bad, and that should really not be followed by any kind of business.

What do you think about it?