Monday, February 25, 2013

Conversion rate: Working on the other 96%

I was listening to the radio this week end when I heard a very interesting interview of a Google France representative. He was discussing the kind of added value Google Analytics products could deliver to one company. 
"A good conversion rate in the web today turns around 2 to 4%, the goal of Google Analytics is to make the best of the other 96%."

Now that e-commerce is a mature market, and e-merchand websites tend to have a large volume of visits every day, it is important to be efficient. For instance, Jean-Emile Rosenblum, CEO of Pixmania France, is shutting down its stores he opened couple of years ago, saying "it costs less money to open stores than to lead a new customer online"!

Indeed, in terms of efficiency, every visits to a website must count. And there are different ways to see how you may create value from a visit which did not lead to a purchase:
  • Some of the value created is by advertisement: You may advertise for some products which will give you some ad money
  • Some of the value is about the data you may collect:  Why didn't the shopper completed its purchase? This analytics is possible thanks to adword.
  • We all know that people don't necessarily buy the first time they visit a website. The ability of the company to send the proper message after this lost visitor leave. Being able to keep a track of when he stopped to trigger a new visit is also something important.