Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Thoughts About Neuromarketing

I had the opportunity to read couple of weeks ago the excellent work Yasmina Chikh made to publish her thesis. She picked a very interesting and controversial topic: Neuromarketing.

Actually, the hype around neuromarketing seemed to have vanished. Indeed, a lot of work have been published about it, especially about how ethical this discipline may be, but also because of all the scientific work that has been undertaken in this field. I believe that now neuromarketing is operationnal, in terms of techniques. 

Nevertheless, and that is what Yasmina has underlined in her work, ethical issues remain. How far can we go to trigger a sale? Should we use these techniques, that are not based on arguments, but on irrational behaviors someone may get, because of how our brain functions?

In France, very few cases are available, as neuromarketing is forbidden. But I don't believe it will remain for long. European large companies have embraced the techniques, and soon, lobbies will force the European Union to validate its use in our country. 

Now will we see a lot of neuromarketing campaigns? It still needs to be seen, because these techniques are pretty pricy. You need a sophisticated equipment, most of the time you need to go through a university in order to use it. I believe the challenge of this kind of field is to be cost efficient, and to have clear results in the real life. So far, most of the findings have been made by scientific studies, and not yet in the real business field.

What I also really liked in Yasmina's report, is how extensive she has been in listing all the techniques you may use in neuromarketing.You should try to add her on LinkedIn, she may share with you that work (in French though).