Sunday, January 20, 2013

Retail is Art: Gregoire Kaufman's Book "Retailart"

Grégoire Kaufman is working as a top manager of Group Carrefour. As an exeperienced manager, he has sailed the seven seas to look for new store concepts, and to study how different countries distributes fast moving consumer goods. 

Grégoire believes retail is somehow an art. It also pictures well the social and cultural landscape of one region or country. It is always interesting to visit stores in foreign countries, because you will always encounter new ideas, products you don't know, and different ways to promote products.

He has already published a bunch of his thoughts and pictures in his blog, couple of years ago. Unfortunately, he does not publish anymore (even though I understand: he is very busy as a professionnal). Nevertheless, he went a step further, as he published an online book, you will find on Blurb's website.

If you are a retailing professional, or simply curious about Gregoire's work, I highly recommend you to have a look at his work. 

What is very funny with retailing, is that the rules of the industry are very simple, and basically to keep it simple. Most of retailers have been inspired by Bernardo Trujillio, who held seminars for most of nowadays retail tycoons' founders (Carrefour, Auchan, Darty for French people)... But when you see how those rules are applied in different countries, you can clearly see the cultural aspect of retailing). If nothing looks like more a starbucks than an other starbucks, you should check out how in a global company like Walmart or Carrefour adapts to its clientele.

Here's a picture I liked of Gregoire's blog, about how an Argentinian Carrefour took advantage of the Soccer World Cup to animate its store.