Monday, February 20, 2012

Thoughts About The Non Searchable Web

The Internet is changing. And it is changing fast. Social Media is modifying the way we consume and find information online. And you can see it shifting on a daily basis. Prior to the rise of social network, especially Facebook and Twitter, search engines was the path to reach information on the Internet. Therefore websites, either information one or ecommerce websites, needed to apply the rules of Google (Mainly), Yahoo and Microsoft, in order to generate leads. 

Search engines have by the way been a key factor of the exponential growth of the information, making it simple to navigate online.

But now, people spends more and more time on social network, and hence, they tend to access information not through search engines, but Facebook or Twitter. And it is a very important part that business must take care of. 

Indeed, the old rule of search engine optimization are not the only way to get visibility. This is the reason why marketing departments are spending more and more money on Social Media in order to get exposure.

It is very different to try to get the best ranking possible on Google, with specific coding rules, and to get a great exposure thanks to Facebook. Both tools don't work the same at all. 

Here are the rules it implies:
Step 1:
  • Of course content needs to be planned for social media use.
  • Content needs to be designed to “enable” social dynamics.
  • In other words: the content must be created in a "socialisable" way from the start.

Step 2:
  • It is no longer possible to rely exclusively on the analysis of user behaviour and motivation without also considering the social context.
  • In designing social dynamics, user experience (UX) plays a very important role, so we should begin to place UX closer to [SEO] (Extension of SEO as Social Engine Optimization) than ever before. 
Social media is defenitely changing the web.