Friday, October 28, 2011

Fight Opel Renault In France

Opel has launched a new advertizing strategy this year. In order to build on the famous german car manufacturer's quality, Opel, which is owned by the US tycoon General Motor by the way, has decided to broadcast these TV commercials, where its car is introduced by a german host, subtitled in French.

I believe it is very smart of them, because even though german car companies are very famous and acknowledged for their quality, Opel is a little bit left behind.

But couple of days ago, new commercials of French car manufacturer Renault have shown up, mocking the Opel's ones.

It is a funny way to leverage the buzz around one competitor's commercial. Opel has responsed to this campaign with a press ad.

But there several questions I have about these campaigns:
  1. Does Renault has the right to copy Opel's commercial. It is clearly a copycat, and I find weird the fact they have been able to do it.
  2. It seems like Opel and Renault have played together to create the buzz around this campaign. Have they agreed on it? Was Opel aware of Renault's idea to take over the ad idea?
  3. Renault's commercial is clearly funny, and mark people's mind. But does it really show well the car they want to sell? I mean, people are more into the fun and the fact they mock Opel than into listening to the arguments of the guy.

What do you think about it?