Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UK Study Puts Mobile Coupons Usage On Hold

Geolocalization will be for the next few years one of the main discussion of marketing and
customer relationship management managers. The idea to influence shoppers’ behaviors
thanks to appropriate promotions while in the point of sale is for sure interesting.

Nevertheless, Mobile marketing is a very touchy issue. For sure, pull mobile marketing
strategies have shown their efficiency, as the Iphone app store shows. When companies
propose some applications to download with interesting features, it is ok as long as the user
decide to get it. But push mobile marketing actions are quite difficult.

Hence, a recent study (UK) shown that. Only 8% of grocery shoppers wanted to receive
location based coupons. Indeed, privacy issues are key for this kind of usage. Therefore, it is
very disruptive for customers to get advertising on its mobile while shopping.

It is important to not transform mobile advertizing into an intrusive medium. Push mobile marketing campaigns are very difficult to design, and to me, it should really not be consider, because of how disruptive it is.

What do you think about it?