Monday, January 03, 2011

The Daily : Aiming To Define New Ways To Consume Magazines

Ruppert Murdoch has always been fighting in order to find a way to monetize information on the Internet. He is totally against the idea of free information on the Internet. Actually, I quite agree with him. The news companies market is plummeting, and even though Internet is growing fast, revenues from online activities has not turned out to be profitable.

Ruppert Murdoch is willing, as a lot of actors in the news market, to benefit from the Ipad to find a new reading experience which would be profitable. Hence The Daily, the first ever magazine to be designed for a tablet, has been released not so long ago. It costs $0,99 per issues, which makes it cheaper than any other magazines.

The Daily have great advantages:

  • First, as I have said, the price, which is cheap.

  • The reading experience: It has been designed in order to benefit from the great potential of the Ipad, and hence, provide more than a simple newspaper.

To be honest with you, I hope that Ruppert Murdoch succeeds. I consum tons of information online, and I actually contribute online, via my blog, where I post daily my thoughts and valuable information I found online about the topics I master. But it remains important to find professional magazines, profitable, in order to maintain a certain level of information.