Monday, July 26, 2010

Facebook Delivers Poor Customer Satisfaction

Despite Facebook hype and unbelievable fast increase of users, some people are criticizing a lot the service. Of course, among the main reason why Facebook is not appreciated is due to privacy reasons. Nevertheless, Facebook can be considered as the best social network. There is no other service that allows you to share so much online with people you care. Facebook has been able to create some kind of online social communities of people.

Thanks to its social attributes, Facebook is considered for a lot of people as the ultimate customer relationship management medium. This medium provides to brands a new total way to engage with customers. It is actually the first time you may actually have a conversation with your customers.

However, I found this very intersting article: Facebook has poor customer satisfaction figures.

Facebook scored 64 points on a 100-point scale on the consumer experience front, according to a report based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, developed by the University of Michigan’s business school.

The report finds Facebook score in parallel to two low scoring categories such as airlines and cable companies.

The report attributes privacy concerns, frequent interface changes and commercialization and huge advertising as the reasons affecting the consumer experience on Facebook.

I wanted to share with you the results of this study, because I find it ironic that this medium has such a poor results. Now it seems that one of the main weakness has been to change so much over such a period of times. The lack of consistency, either with privacy policy or with interface is always confusing for users.

Unfortunately Twitter has not been considered by the survey. With all the technical prolems they constantly have, I would be surprised if their index would be way lower than Facebook's.