Sunday, July 25, 2010

Community Management: Why Creating A Facebook Page Is Not Enough

A lot of companies are very interested by what is going on with web 2.0. The high number of Facebook users is very interesting for businesses which would like to advertise. Nevertheless, even though the comon wisdom around social network is that they are free advertising you should not miss understand how it works.

Hence, developping a customer relationship management strategy using social network implies more than simply creating a Fan page where customers will be able to discuss about your brands. Indeed, like any other medium create before, social networks are used for malicious usages.

I have read not so long ago a book called the Victorian Internet, which explains the history of telegram, and how you could link its development and usage during its era with nowadays and the Internet. And since the beginning of telegram, telegrams have been used to "spam" users by providing commercial messages over the wires. I found thanks to @sleroux this link to the Ferrero Rocher's Facebook page.

What do you think you could find on Ferrero Rocher's Facebook page? Let's remember that Ferrero also owns Nutella, and has able thanks to this brand to create a strong community of lovers.
In my opinion, Ferrero Rocher could have done a page speaking about how to organize events, cocktails, which would be linked with their commercials and positioning in the market.

Instead, since they have not taken care of their community, the page is stacked with spam comments to win Ipads, naked girls pictures. It is a total failure. Now I don't know if you'd rather should not have a Facebook page, or own one but let people do whatever they want with. I believe this Ferrero Rocher page is a total failure, and it is one of the best example that you must have a community management strategy, which implies:
  • A goal which will link the brand and its customers by providing service or content to customers
  • Have some community management system to animate the community and to make sure it remains viable
  • Have specific metrics which will show out the interest of the project.

Now what will be interesting to see is how Ferrero Rocher will be able to turn the situation into its advantage, by retaking the leadership over. What do you think about it?