Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How To Measure Brand Success In Social Networking?

This question was asked by Loic Lemeur on his blog, as he is preparing a presentation on the topic. Unfortunately, as comments are closed on the post, I could not respond to this question.

However, this article raised up my curiosity, and I was thinking of a point I wanted to share with you.

Indeed, with the decrease of TV audiences and a larger population connected to the web and using social media, we could expect, either on a short or a long timeframe, to see the rise of a new mass media with social media. In fact, global companies need those mass media in order to broadcast their brand power.

There are several ways to identify the success of a social media strategy for a brand, depending on which point of view you are based. For example, you could consider your community management activities as a sales channel, like Dell did, announcing they've sold millions via Twitter. Or you could like Evian did use it for branding purposes, hitting records views on youtube.

The fact is that you should compare the GPR you could get from a TV commercial and the number of views you could get on social media, for the same kind of investments. This would be very interesting, especially for companies that are used to broadcast TV advertising, and hence, need to change their approach.

And you, what do you think about it?