Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Benefits Of Using Packaging Inserts in Customer Relationship Management

Shopify gives us 5 ways to use packaging Inserts to increase sales and brand loyalty

I totally agree with the article. Inserting samples, customized messages or promotions could be a highly performing move, for 2 facts:
  • The event happens once the customer receive its package, so therefore a highly emotional event. Hence it is a timing when the customer is highly receptive to your messages.
  • Because, if you are creative enough, you may leverage the touching sense of the customer. When you are an e-merchants, you have rare occasions to have contact with customers that are not remote. At this time, you actually materialize the relationship.

I like the examples they give. Indeed, you don't necessarily need to stick with the promotional coupon technique. It is actually a great way to create added value to customer and create real brand preference. This is the reason why I like the personnal note example.

1. Discount Offers
2. Product Samples
3. Small Gifts
4. Thank-You Cards and Personal Notes
5. Product Review/Share On Social Media Request