Friday, December 13, 2013

Thoughts On Ecommerce: How Big Will Ecommerce Become?

I would like to write an article about an interesting article I found online about Ecommerce sales figures. According to the article, Comscore estimates Ecommerce has generated $50 billions in the US for the second quarter of 2013. That counts for 5,5% of the whole commerce sales. Even if its share in the whole commerce pie remains pretty small:
  • It does not stop getting bigger.
  • It counts for most of the growth of commerce.
  • It still has the bigger growth potential.
Nevertheless, I still believe that Ecommerce as we know it will never be the biggest part of business. The human interface is too important to live without it 100%. 
Also, another important data of the article is the sales figures of mobile commerce: $4,7 billions. But the issue with that stats is that it probably counts the sales generated via tablets. And to me, there is a difference between buying with a mobile device outside home, and buying with a mobile device home. Hence, it is difficult to say that we see a real rise of mobile phones retailing.