Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Recency Theory

I was going through my saved favorite tweets on my account @schriver and I found this article about the "recency theory".  

Maybe the term "theory" may be too much about this concept but I believe it is interesting: In order to be efficient in your advertizing, it is important to focus on the time when your customers may most likely be making their decision.

For example, it is no use to have a commercial about a pizza at 9 am, because people will tend to forget about the commercial once lunch times come. Instead, having the right mobile coupon ringing around 11:30 AM will have a high change to trigger the sale.

In nowadays society, we are all overwhelmed with advertizing overload. Basically everything and anything is an advertizing medium: TV, websites, radio, smartphones, billboards, newspaper you read... It implies people can't keep in mind for long a commercial, and therefore, they must be able to make a decision out of it quickly.

Thanks to new technologies, it is now easier to communicate with one customer when he is in his decision making process. It is very important to be efficient in this timing in order to get customers' responses rate high.