Tuesday, December 06, 2011

LeWeb 2011 Starts Tomorrow

As a lot of people may know, French event about the Internet and social media Leweb is starting tomorrow, December, 7th. Leweb has been created couple of years ago by French serial entrepreneur Loic Lemeur, who has been one of the trail blazers of blogging in the early 2000s. Since then, the conference did not stop growing at a fast pace, and has become now the leading event in Europe about the web economy.

I have never attended the event, because most of the time I was not available, and I must say the tickets are a bit pricy to me (even though it is very affordable for professionals, especially when compared with other events). Nevertheless, I always check what is going on on my Twitter account, and also, for some conferences, I watch the streaming videos (which are very helpful).

A lot of people has criticized the event, saying it got worse, but in my opinion, but I have two thoughts about that:
  1. Social media events used to rock at the early stage, while every one was starting and enthousiast. The last couple of months we have seen a lot of services shutting down, due to the financial crisis of course, but also as a natural event, as markets and players starting to define their playground. This is the reason why it is less "spectacular".
  2. It is still great to be able to access in Europe to such prestigious speakers, and simply for that, I want to warmly thank Loic.
I don't know if you will be there, but I hope you will enjoy Leweb this year.