Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Thoughts About Steve Jobs Resignation

Steve Jobs has been the main reasons of Apple's success right from the beginning of the company, as the founder of Apple. He decided this summer to resigned from his position as CEO of the company, explaining he was not anymore able to fulfil his duties, probably regarding a weak health which caused a lot of hype around him for about a year.

Steve Jobs has marked his time. He has always kept a pionneer mindset, which allowed him to constantly innovate. Apple is probably the most innovating company of all in the computing world, as it has been able to keep a high pace in innovation throughought the 80s, 90s, and the 2000s.

Steve Jobs is hence the designer of the mouse, of the modern computer as we all own one, but also lately mp3 players, Ipods, and Ipads.

What allowed Steve Jobs to remain one of the most prohiminent person in his industry is his vision. He has always been able to see beyond expectation and what is expected by the audience and the market.

I believe that one of the most remarkable moment was when he launched the Ipad, which was totally not expected and brought a lot of skepticism. Nevertheless, a little bit of time later, a lot of opinion leaders consider that tablets are the future of computing.

What also defines Steve Jobs and his legacy was his speaking/presentation skills. All of his keynotes were real shows, and he was always able to bring the enthusiasm of the audience thanks to its unique way of presenting. Copied a lot, his level has never been reached.

Steve Jobs will be missed, especially to Apple. Nevertheless, nothing is eternal, and it was clear that this day will happen. I wish Apple the same success they experienced with Steve Jobs after him.