Monday, August 09, 2010

Geolocation To Change Local Marketing

Local marketing could be define as all the action you undertake in order to increase sales of a specific store in a specific location. Some of the best tools are for examples brochure sent around the point of sales. It could also be local radio station, which could be pretty powerful media.

Now the Internet has expressed a high interest in local marketing. Indeed a lot of yellow pages companies have sprung up on the web, either historical ones or brand new ones. But now, new geolocation systems could dramatically change the way you should apprehend local marketing campaigns. We have already shown on this blog some great examples on how to use either Twitter or Foursquare.

I have actually seen those past few weeks a lot of new Iphone applications which allow users to access discounts and specials around where they are located. What is very interesting is that like Cardstar in the US, is that you could use geolocation for customer relationship management purpose. Indeed, you may combine the location closeness to the brand awareness, by providing customized coupons while the customer goes by one store.

What would be interesting is to see a company using a massive budget for this kind of campaign. It would be interesting to have a comparison between a radio spot campaign of 3 weeks on local stations and how it could be efficient thanks to new applications and geolocation services.

Of course, there are very few people, high tech geeks, which use this kind of service, so it would be difficult to have a mass impact yet thanks to those tools. Now, as we can see the fast growth pace of Foursquare, it would not be surprising to see the interest rocketing pretty soon.

Hence, geolocation could be used either for generating leads and traffic or for customer relationship purpose (by rewarding visits in store or incentiving visits)

1. Customization:

Make sure to always customize your profile so that it reflects the branding of your local business in every way. Make sure your logo is not cut off so that your audience realizes exactly who you are.

2. Promotions:

You are going to need to dangle a carrot in front of your audience if you want them to really use your location based marketing efforts and show up at your business. Take the time to put together some good promotions where your location based marketing will work to your advantage.

3. Set Goals:

Set goals for yourself and your business before you start utilizing the location based marketing platforms to build your brand and get some more foot traffic coming through your door.

4. Engage:

Engage your customers to interact with you on and offline. Get your audience to perform some sort of action with you where your audience can see the interaction so they can also chime in.